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We work with leading international companies and drive revenue, process and efficiency with our solutions.

Our Offerings

Consumer Loyalty Engine
Achieve high customer registration rates with a quick sign-up process. Real-time, instant analytics allow you to surprise customers with personalized coupons, vouchers and bonus points to keep them delighted.
  • Coupons, recommendations, points, gratification
  • Data visibility on associate productive app
  • Card-free, paper-free, Social to CRM enrichment
  • Customers across sales channels- web, mobile or social
Catalog Application
Bellurbis’ Catalog application allows you to easily create a sales and presentation app for your sales team. Upload and organize your sales materials, design the app and wow your customers.
  • Present your marketing collateral in a dynamic tablet app for maximum impact and results
  • Push the latest content so everyone's always up to date: on brand, on message, on time
  • Powerful analytics, feedback and control: close the loop to gain understanding and transform results
Store Locator App
Create, edit, and manage native iPhone, iPad, Android, and mobile web apps for your business and stores online. From the ease of use to the features that we offer inside the apps –they are specifically designed for small businesses.
  • Give customers turn by turn GPS directions directly to your stores.
  • Message your customers on the go with in-app messages.
  • Provide up to date information about all of your businesses events and specials.
  • Keep your customers informed about everything involving your businesss

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Mobile Apps

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Data Base

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