Blockchain Solutions

Need an expert advice on how to build a decentralized system that accommodates unalterable data records? Experience blockchain technology added to your products and services to enhance performance, functionality and security.


Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology (DLT), built to ensure trust and transparency at every point in a transaction. The transactions that benefit from this trust can be from any vertical, including finance, healthcare, communications, life sciences, agri-business, retail, manufacturing, and supply chain, to name a few. Given that every industry is riding the blockchain wave to realize its benefits, we help our customers sprint towards building a trusted digital economy.


How Bellurbis Helps You in Your Blockchain adoption

Bellurbis guides, supports and helps with every stage of your blockchain adoption journey. Right from applying the design thinking to defining the right problem that truly depicts the business and IT challenges, we evaluate the right-fit blockchain solution, through to finally implementing and offering the operational support.

We ensure that the success of every step of the adoption journey is measured and continuously improved based on the feedback, and thus, a definitive success is achieved. Utilizing Proofs-of-Concept, pilots, rapid prototypes, and considering the aspects including integration, participating organizations, data privacy and security, scalability and performance, we are able to build the most robust blockchain solutions.

Our enablers on the Fast Path to Blockchain

There are four cornerstones that help us reach faster to the value realization on your investment.

Domain Knowledge

  • Deep functional knowledge
  • Operational experience across industries
  • Rich process understanding across verticals
  • Deep-rooted connects into the industry

Blockchain Expertise

  • Multiple DLT stacks, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, Multichain etc.
  • Strong foundation on concensus algorithms, security, scale, permission & trust
  • Rich implementation experience on Blockchain

Partner ecosystem

  • Blockchain consortia
  • Blockchain ISVs (Independent Software Vendors)
  • Rich process understanding across verticals
  • University research groups

Digital thought-leadership

  • End-to-end digital transformation expertise
  • Augmented capabilities in IoT, Analytics, Social, Cloud and Mobility
  • UX Engineering expertise

Our Blockchain Offerings

We are able to offer you a tailored blockchain offering that fits best to your use-case and the business situation, depending upon your current readiness, business problems, budget and the strategic roadmap.

Broadly, we classify our blockchain offerings into two categories:
- Blockchain incubation (meant for a ‘from grounds-up incubation’ situation)

  • Research & development
  • Readiness assessment & use-case identification
  • Technical evaluation & architecture blueprinting
  • UX Engineering & rapid prototyping

Broadly, we classify our blockchain offerings into two categories:
- Blockchain offerings (meant for a relatively matured stage of adoption)

  • Technology advisory and architecture
  • UX engineering
  • Custom development services
  • System integration
  • Quality engineering & testing
  • Infrastructure consulting and implementation
Whereas we are equipped and determined to be your companion on your blockchain adoption journey, feel free to contact us for an early discussion of your situation.