Customer Communications Management

(StreamServe-based solutions)
Development of turn-key OpenText StreamServe-based solutions to help organizations effectively manage business communications.

Customer Communication Management

With explosion of many new communication channels, the scope of customer communication has expanded widely including email, web, SMS and printed documents. To survive the cut-throat competition in today’s corporate world, it is necessary for businesses to effectively manage all the customer communication providing quicker access while reducing expense and ensuring compliance. Customer Communication Management (CCM) refers to a close-knit set of IT solutions that helps businesses streamline the way they communicate with their customer thereby reduced customer acquisition cost and maximising lifetime value of every customer.


Customer Communication Management Solutions at Bellurbis

Create better customer engagement and get full control of all the inbound and outbound customer communication with expert customer communication management solutions at Bellurbis. We offer object-oriented CCM that makes it easy to find and make changes in every application it appears to enhance time and cost savings.

We have several years of experience with OpenText products for Customer Communications Management. We have helped hundreds of clients in varied domains, including healthcare, finance, banking, and real estate etc by optimizing business communication and automating document production.

Better Customer Engagement with Tailor-made, Personalized Customer Communication

Standardized and impersonal communication is a thing of the past and today customers expect businesses to interact with them on a personal level. This often requires a heavy IT involvement and hence a hefty cost overhead.

Our customer communication management tool enables personal, dynamic correspondence from a single platform which can be delivered to a wide range of channels. This unified platform eliminates the need of IT involvement thereby enabling you to engage with your customer in a better way.

Increased Business Efficiency with Fast, Secure Centralized Communication

The constant connectivity have increased the demand for fast communications leading to a demanding business environment. Keeping a check on cost while enabling instant communication is one of the biggest challenges businesses face today. And that is exactly where Bellurbis can help.

We will help you integrate your inbound and outbound communication channels through a centralized communication server. This will enable secure exchange of a large volume of business communication messages while reducing expenses.

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