Devops and Technical Support

Outsourcing technical support services to an expert like Bellurbis will greatly advantage OEMs and ISVs who aim at providing high-end customer service and support without losing focus from the core services. It will be financially profitable for your company while enhancing your customer’s satisfaction rate.

In the rapidly changing technical scenario, Bellurbis has emerged as a leader providing world-class IT support while controlling operational costs and living up to the customer expectations. Our global partnerships with leading network and well-equipped server management system enable us to simplify IT support and provide a safe and cohesive solution for network communication. With our competitive rates and high-end technical support, you can see significant cost reduction, increased life of your equipment and less time spent managing vendor relationship across your IT environment.

All our technical engineers are fully trained and have experience handling technical support for a wide range of services, including software installation, product integration, product enhancement, database service, special equipment etc. Technical support engineers at Bellurbis have a minimum of 3-4 years’ experience in 3rd line and 2nd line technical support environment. They have a strong knowledge of programming language and experience in working with both Microsoft and Linux server products, along with a deep knowledge of Enterprise environment and fluency in English. We cater to different time-zones, skills and languages with equal ease and preparation.